Sprachreise der 6B

Montag, 23 Mai 2016. Geschrieben in Sprachen
Sabrina Staudinger, Bernhard Gmeiner

Sprachreise der 6B

In March our class, the 6B, spent an awesome week in Ireland, together with our teachers Mr. Gmeiner and Ms. Staudinger. Our trip started in Dublin - the capital and afterwards we went to Galway.

On Friday we arrived in Dublin, were we stayed for two days in a nice hostel near the centre. We spent our time walking through the beautiful city, shopping and explored some awesome restaurants together.

Of course we did some sightseeing, too. For example, the Trinity Collage - a very old university with an interesting library - and some parks.
What we found very special about Dublin were the impressive street artists and musicians, who are traditional for Ireland.
The time in Dublin passed very fast and we had to take a three-hour bus ride to our next stop: Galway.

On the way we had a short visit at an old monastery called Clonmacnoise.
In Galway we lived at host families in groups of two or three students and we had to visit a language school.
In the afternoons we spent a lot of time together as the whole class with our teachers, playing laser tag, billiard and bowling.
The highlight of our trip was, probably for almost everyone, the Cliffs of Moher. They are 300 metres high and the view is really amazing.
All in all, our trip to Ireland was one of the greatest experiences we have made so far.
We were very lucky with the weather, too - we were able to do the sightseeing without an umbrella!

...someone take us back, please!

(Text by: Katharina Luftensteiner, Emily Kubin, Lara Luna Breyer, Emilia Garbsch)